haunted; me.

October looms like the syllables on my tongue.  Like the troops of ghosts marching across my soul, as the moon yearns in quiet premonition. The trees rustle in wake of a listless sky and the dim scent of violets remain on my skin.


bridge to nirvana.

she is like the fiery night
some say like meteors that rush
leaving behind hues of the skies prism
still beauty that lingers
and all of the above does not end
her new breath in her soul
subtleties of raw emotion dissipate
one deep roar
and all the dragons are her kingdom

I regret nothing.

I am the fall
like rain from thunder
my footsteps you cannot hear
into the depths of separated souls
like the leaves falling from trees
the skeletons submerge
and my musings remain
thoughts from a faraway time
and the cold breath of a grave
the flowers stay dishevel’d
from all the winds
that tied fate in knots
until thou didst fade
but the swell of a moon
gives me new light 

wiggly wom

It is not easily confessed  
how you can state your case 
and the words sound so distressed 
jumbled upon a pile of emotion 
my tongue became twisted  
and knotted with each commotion 
I wanted to seize a truce of silent 
kicking and screaming  
I became this tyrant  
I see how easily things get misconstrued  
but after combating and bruised  
we came out with the same attitude