fancy me.

I can’t easily explain
it’s a feeling  
uncontrolled at times
whispers of illusion
covered with wild luxuriance
nights swallowing the sky
and days of light gossip
these menial intricacies
with protruding thoughts
and how every star
beguiles my soul

loose ends

I wish she would disappear
just vanish into her own
misgivings and half truths
I hate that it means
that much to me
this absolute consciousness
of misery and ugliness
where I need to cleanse
of all this self-interest
of my own hurt and selfishness
it’s really the dim remembrance
as each of the horizons sink
further into their own sky
and why it is
I ever came here…

if I make it.

I am consumed 
blown about 
by time, I have none –
with every word 
I seem to doctrine
with every storm 
I seem to patron 
and I realize
I don’t know how 
to speak his name
it’s not on my thoughts
nor my tongue 
and how all this silence
has crushed every part of him
I had collected

waiting for spring.

you left pieces of yourself here
around every corner
I always told you, the moon rules the sea
and at nightfall it broke
I can no longer soak up your skin
it’s made out like a tragic love story
like Bonnie and Clyde
finding out all the ways
to run and hide
I shall no longer know your most decadent sin
clinging to yesterday
collecting your rib bones
in jars
the spilling of broken passions
and the wait for Spring to join in